IMAGINE (Interprofessional Medical and Allied Groups for Improving Neighborhood Environments) is an interprofessional, student-run community health initiative aimed at promoting and providing health care to the core neighborhoods of downtown Toronto. In addition to outreach activities with IMAGINE's community partners and health promotion workshops with clients, IMAGINE is also building an interprofessional community-based clinic program. Please see below for a list of committees currently accepting executive applications


Position Title: Executive Co-Directors

The executive directors oversee the entire operation of IMAGINE.


- Must be a University of Toronto student in any second-entry health-related professional program, in any year of study. (Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Public Policy, Public Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Social Work)

- At least one co-director must be a medical student

- Previous experience on the IMAGINE team is highly preferred, but outstanding applicants will still be considered (At least one Co-Director must have previous experience with IMAGINE)

- Experience in project management preferred

- Experience in leadership in interprofessional settings preferred

- Past experience working with marginalized and vulnerable populations required whether at a policy or service delivery level (volunteer or paid work)

- Interest in knowledge translation, and community based research preferred

Roles and Responsibility:

- Attend executive co-director training sessions

- Provide vision, and roadmap for meeting strategic objectives and priorities for IMAGINE

- Maintain relationships with key stakeholders such as the University of Toronto, University of Toronto Medical Society, Central Toronto Community Health Care Centre, Advisory Board of Directors, Faculty Directors and community partners

- Hold regular meetings with IMAGINE executive members

- Oversee IMAGINE’s projects and initiatives


Position Title: Finance Chair

The Finance Chair is responsible for maintaining the financial records of IMAGINE and ensuring adequate funding is in place to smoothly operate the clinic throughout the year.


- University of Toronto students in any second-entry health-related professional program, in any year of study.

- A background in business or accounting would be an asset, but is not required.

- Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required.

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Create a financial budgeting for the year.

- Approve spending for other committees and executives within IMAGINE and ensuring the necessary funds are available.

- Liaising with the Central Toronto Community Health Centre (our host clinic) finance staff to ensure all clinic bills are paid.

- Ensure all of IMAGINE's other bills are paid on time and students are reimbursed for any expenses they incur.

- There is also a lot of flexibility for the co-chair finance to dig deeper into the clinic operations and determine more efficient ways to allocate funding if they are interested


Position Title: Volunteer Coordinator Co-Chair

Volunteer Coordinator Chairs are responsible for the recruitment, orientation, and coordination of University of Toronto students for the IMAGINE clinic and health promotion initiatives.

Eligibility: University of Toronto students in any second-entry health-related professional program, in any year of study.

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Coordinate the scheduling of the clinic volunteers

- Coordinate, participate in (i.e review of applications, interviewing candidates), and continually improve the volunteer recruitment process for the various health care professional programs for health promotion, community partnerships outreach and referrals, the executive team, and clinic volunteers

- Organize the two general volunteer orientation sessions

- Help students access N95 mask fitting sessions and conducting online police record checks for clinic volunteers

- Modify and update the volunteer manual

- Attend executive meetings and actively participate in the decision processes for the development of IMAGINE


Position Title: Preceptor Recruitment Co-Chair

Preceptor Recruitment chairs are responsible for the identification, recruitment, scheduling, and retention of health professionals for the IMAGINE clinic and health promotion initiatives.

Eligibility: University of Toronto students in any second-entry health-related professional program, in any year of study.

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Identifying and executing initiatives to recruit potential preceptors for IMAGINE

- Providing information about IMAGINE clinic to potential preceptors

- Updating preceptor information package and compiling other documents required for preceptor recruitment

- Creating weekly preceptor schedule for clinic using existing preceptor database

- Ensuring preceptors are present at each clinic through reminder emails and flexible contingency plans

- Liaising with current preceptors and Clinic Operation Chairs to collect preceptor feedback for clinic operation improvement

- Managing preceptor database to ensure accurate and up-to-date personal information and volunteer status

- Creating and distributing of annual appreciation packages to current preceptors

- Other executive duties as required


Position Title: Advocacy Co-Chair

Advocacy Chairs are responsible for overseeing and coordinating a multidisciplinary group of health professional students to envision and carry out numerous advocacy initiatives that work to serve the IMAGINE patient population.

Eligibility criteria:

- Must be a grad/professional student at UofT

- Experience working with vulnerable populations

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Helping organize a major conference

- Collaborating with existing organizations to advocate for the populations we aim to serve

- Drafting position papers on specific issues

- Creating/coordinating opportunities for volunteers to learn about issues

- Creating/coordinating opportunities for volunteers to advocate

- Other executive duties as required


Position Title: Health Promotions

As an IMAGINE Health Promotion (HP) Co-Chair, your role is to oversee the coordination, planning and implementation of health promotion workshops at partnering community agencies serving vulnerable and marginalized populations in Toronto.

Eligibility: University of Toronto students in any second-entry health-related professional program, in any year of study.

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Contact agencies, foster existing and new connections with them and sustain a partnership through the ongoing delivery of health promotion workshops

- Coordinate in-kind sponsorship with local organizations to provide goods and services to partner agencies as a adjunct to the health promotion workshops

- Oversee a committee of volunteers (2018-2019 team was 30 volunteers) from various health professional faculties across the University of Toronto, who will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the workshops.

- Deliver anti-oppressive training session to volunteers, focused on working with vulnerable populations to ensure sensitivity and respect are practiced.

- Organize and run feedback and debrief sessions with volunteers to meet IPE accreditation requirements

- Form partnerships with other IMAGINE committees in order to carry out initiatives and workshops. For example, Community Partnerships and Health Promotion committees collaborated extensively at the beginning of the year to set up city-wide partnerships for workshops. - Keep a record of finances, workshop topics, documents, important contacts, and other key information.

- Attend IMAGINE Executives Meetings.

- Other executive duties as required.


Position Title: Community Partnerships Co-Chair

Eligibility: University of Toronto students in any second-entry health-related professional program, in any year of study.

As an IMAGINE Community Partnerships Co-Chair, you will be responsible for communicating with local shelter and community agencies to plan regular visits and activities. Essentially, you will be acting as a liaison between these community contacts and the Community Partnership Committee volunteers. The main mission of the IMAGINE Community Partnerships Committee is to connect with the local marginalized population to promote a sense of well-being through social activities. You will be responsible for organizing activities throughout the year in accordance with this mission.


Position Title: Communications and Public Relations Co-Chair

Communication and Public Relations chairs are responsible for keeping records of IMAGINE’s development, disseminating information to the volunteers, stakeholders, and the public, and leading the Public Relations Committee. Their mission is to reach IMAGINE’s target client population to maintain a steady stream of clients, to promote and brand the IMAGINE name to community organizations and their clients, and to establish and maintain working relationships with partnering organizations.

Eligibility and Criteria:

- Entering 2nd or 3rd year of school program

- Experience with websites/graphic design/promotions an asset

- Previous IMAGINE volunteering experience an asset

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Creating, publishing, and securing promotional materials including, but not limited to, brochures, business cards, and posters.

- Creating and publishing newsletters/reports on IMAGINE's progress and provide updates on the clinic accomplishments/events to IMAGINE’s stakeholders, volunteers and the interested general public.

- Updating and maintaining IMAGINE’s social media including the Facebook page, Twitter, and website.

- Assisting IMAGINE outreach committees (Health Promotion, Community Partnerships, and Advocacy) in promoting their events upon request.

- Developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote IMAGINE services.

- Distributing advertising media to locations frequented by the target population

- Responding to email inquiries

- Other executive duties as required


Position Title: Process and Quality Improvement Co-Chair

The Process & Quality Improvement Committee is responsible for evaluating IMAGINE's current operating procedures and implementing process improvements where possible.

Eligibility criteria:

- Previous experience working on program evaluation or quality improvement projects

-Ability to be self-accountable

Roles & Responsibilities:

-Provide support for IMAGINE’s internal communication strategy

- Developing and executing a strategy to improve processes and quality for IMAGINE’s clinical services and outreach initiatives.

- Coordinating meetings

- Coordinating, executing, and supervising all needs assessments and program evaluations (formative, process, impact) conducted on IMAGINE’s programs, services and activities

- Providing guidance and developing relevant resources (i.e. training modules, toolkits and documentation templates) for the IMAGINE executive team and committees regarding process and quality improvement


Position Title: Strategic Partnerships Lead

The Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships will manage and lead a committee comprised of faculty leads from each of the 5 faculties represented at IMAGINE.


- University of Toronto students in any second-entry health-related professional program, in any year of study.

- A background in business or accounting would be an asset, but is not required.

Roles & Responsibilities:

-Recruit faculty leads from PT, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy

-Conduct interdisciplinary project(s)

-Plan and implement an IMAGINE conference during the year with faculty leads

-Seek and establish sustainable collaborations with various healthcare faculties

-Discover and develop alternative sources of funding for IMAGINE


Please note: Some applications will require an up-to-date CV as noted in the Google Form

To Apply:

All applications are due on April 6, 2019 at 11:59PM.