A Good Night's Rest / by IMAGINE Clinic

I was walking back home after a late night chat with a friend visiting from Kingston. Just a block away from my residence, I was startled to see a man wrapped in a thin blanket, asleep on a bench. It made me realize how privileged I was to be just a few minutes away from my own quiet, warm bedroom. It also reminded me of the need to advocate for individuals experiencing homelessness on many levels. They may require assistance based on their physical, mental and emotional needs. After reflecting upon these things, I decided to walk back to the man on the bench and placed a few dollars by his head. Although it was not much, it would likely make a difference for this man on the following morning. I am aware that there are many individuals experiencing homelessness in the core of downtown Toronto. My hope is that action may be taken to bring these individuals off of the streets and into a warm environment to rest for the night.